Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Baby Shower


This project is one I’ve been looking forward to sharing for over a month! My twin sister, Ashley, and her husband Christian are due to have a baby on Christian’s birthday, which is this coming Saturday!! Christian is deployed to Afghanistan right now but thankfully just got home for 2 weeks of R&R yesterday, in time to see Ashley’s ready-to-pop bump and of course the birth of their daughter, baby #1 for them. I am beyond excited! I will be visiting her for 2-1/2 weeks in April to help out after Christian leaves for a few more months of deployment.

A Personal Update

Tay's Fini Flight

After nearly 2 months of blogging silence, I figure I owe some sort of explanation, or at the very least, some sort of update. There has been a lot happening around the Gifford house! Here are some highlights…

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