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Chalkboards & Lemonade Stands

Chalkboards & Lemonade Stands Featured Image

Recently my sweet little niece turned a year old. It’s impossibly hard to believe it’s already been a year since I traveled to help my twin sister with her beautiful newborn baby girl (after the birth her husband had to return to the last 3 months of his deployment), but it really has been that long! Granted, a lot has happened for me in the last year including a move across the country and the birth of my second son, but that stuff doesn’t speed up time, does it?!? Sure feels like it sometimes.

Top 5 Favorite Retiring Products


Oh this time of year is so bittersweet in the Stampin’ Up! world! The new annual catalog comes out every June 1st, which means LOTS of fun new products to experience. That’s a definite plus. The downside is that we have to say goodbye to many favorites… dare I say, “staples?” Queue the waterworks.

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