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Raise your hand if you’re behind on your baby book(s). My hand is held high– very high. Isn’t that terrible? My passion and my job is paper crafting, and I haven’t taken the time to complete baby books for my 2 sons. If I do an honest evaluation, I notice that my issue is printing pictures. Usually I’m not an indecisive person, but when it comes to picking photos for printing, I crumble! It’s weird. For the everyday mom moments that I want to remember, I use my This & That notebook to quickly add a picture and some journaling. For the baby books though, and more major events like holidays and first day of school, I need something more substantial. Stampin’ Up! has recently partnered with Project Life to create an amazing product line for easy memory keeping, and I have that in my sights for post-baby-book scrapbooking. For now though, I am using My Digital Studio software (which is like having a massive craft room right on your computer) to make things happen for my sweet boys and posterity. (Pssst… did you know there is a free 30-day trial of My Digital Studio available in my online store??)

Let me share my first page with you today. To keep me on track and moving forward until completion, I will be sharing more pages on a regular basis, and linking them to one another so you can see the progression of the book. Maybe it will inspire you to keep pressing on in your own memory keeping journey, too! Be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you can follow my posts in a weekly email digest, and not miss a thing.

Baby #1 pg. 1 My Digital Studio page By Becky Gifford The Social Stamper

Cheers to the finish!

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