Sweet Start CARD: Romans, day 1 + A dazzling hello

Sweet Start is a unique blend of spiritual and creative inspiration, and is an outpouring of my desire to share generously with my readers. If Bible study isn’t really your thing, you’re welcome to skip straight to the creativity! If you’re hanging around for the study, here’s a helpful hint: hovering your mouse over the verse reference links will activate a pop-up box with the text of the reference. Easy peasy!

Romans, day 1

I hope you enjoyed the brief 2-day study on the incredibly short book of Philemon, because things are about to get real for the both of us. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew by diving straight into Romans, but I know the Holy Spirit will help me persevere through this book! I have to warn you, I’m not a “systematic” Bible student. In other words, I don’t really have a formula for the way I study the Word. Really, I just read until certain words, phrases, or ideas catch my attention, and then I focus my study intently until I’m satisfied (at least mostly) with what I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me. Today is a PERFECT example of that, so just stick with me as we dissect some of the finer details of this chapter that I believe will offer a lot of insight as we progress through the study. Here goes! We’ll cover Romans 1:1-4 today for our introduction.

    • The Who: Romans 1:1 tells us that this epistle (fancy word for a letter written by an Apostle) was written by Paul. The book is called Romans, because Paul wrote his letter to the Christians in Rome while he was in Corinth on his 3rd missionary journey. If you’d like to study more about who Paul is and how he became a Christian, read Acts 9:3-19. I HIGHLY recommend the short read if you’re unfamiliar with the details of Paul’s conversion. It’s pretty powerful.
    • The Why: The cool thing about this book is that it’s written specifically to affirm the message of the gospel to the “baby” Christians in Rome. There’s plenty of deep stuff to keep the scholars busy in this book, but there are also a lot of sweet moments of affirmation of a Christian’s position as a child of God. I’m swooning already and we’ve barely opened the pages!
    • Called to be an apostle: Romans 1:1 declares an important fact about Paul: he was called to be an Apostle. What does that mean, exactly? The Greek word is apostolos, and it means a delegate, a messenger, one sent forth with orders. I’m glad I looked this word up in my concordance, because through a train of thought I ended up contrasting it with the word “mathetes,” which we translate as disciple (a student, learner). Jesus had many disciples, but he called 12 specific men forth from amongst his disciples to be “apostolos.” (Luke 6:13) Being an apostle was an important distinction, and though not one of the original twelve, he was certainly sent forth by God with orders to bring the gospel message to the Gentiles.
    • Set apart for the gospel: verse 1 also tells us that Paul was set apart for the gospel. This Greek word is “euaggelion,” and it means good tidings. We oftentimes refer to it as “good news” nowadays.
      • Not just any gospel: There’s lots of news that can be called good. Your best friend got engaged– good news! But, the specific “good news” that Paul preached is detailed in Romans 1:2. It is, specifically, the good news that God promised through the prophets of the Jewish scriptures of the coming Messiah. The good news about God’s SON.
      • Who is the Son? Paul elaborates on who this “Son” is:
        • Jesus Christ our LORD. In case we had any doubts about who the Son might be, Paul settles the matter outright.
        • A descendent of David according to his flesh (see also John 1, Romans 9:5, and Matthew 1:1)
        • The one who rose from the dead: the message of Romans 1:4 is that Jesus was powerfully declared to be the Son of God at the resurrection. In other words, His resurrection proves His incarnation in a powerful way.
  • SON and LORD. Now that we’ve dipped our big toe into Romans, I’d like to side step a bit for the next few days to lay an important foundation for understanding not only this book, but who Jesus really is. Remember how I tend to study things that really stick out to me as I read? Well, these two words that identify the Savior are quite small, yet exceedingly deep in significance. Stick around with me by checking back here daily and subscribing so you don’t miss the details! Until next time, here is a dose of creativity to energize your day!

You Brighten My Day #3

Here’s the third project in my stamp set challenge, where I’ll be showing off two weeks of projects using the You Brighten My Day stamp set. This set is one of the free gift options with any $50 purchase now through March 31st, during the Sale-A-Bration promotion. I’ve really enjoyed working with these images! They’re very versatile and coordinate with a lot of different punches, like the What’s Up Punch. I used the punch for two elements on today’s card: a Basic Gray card stock arrow and a little stamped Soft Sky house. I’m thrilled that Stampin’ Up! re-imagined the arrow, we all love to make our supplies do some leg work by using them beyond the obvious, and in this case the creative-use thinking is already done for you! Gracias, product designers.

Stampin’ Up! You Brighten My Day card by Becky Gifford. Uses "Hello You" Thinlits dies and gold glimmer paper for extra sparkle!

This would be a great “welcome to the neighborhood” card, in fact, I’m going to be on the lookout for an opportunity to introduce myself using this card very soon! It would be easy to make a handful of the same design to keep around since there are very few elements. Here are a few other features you might be wondering about:

  • The sparkly “hello” is made from the new Hello You Thinlits Dies and Gold Glimmer Paper. Gorgeous, right?
  • “So glad you’re here” is the irreplaceable sentiment that makes this card perfect for a warm welcome. It comes from the stamp set Petite Pairs. It’s supposed to pair with “Welcome, baby” but your recipient won’t know that! Shhh, our little stamping secret.
  • Do you love the background paper? It’s my favorite paper that’s been released this whole year, called Sweet Dreams Designer Series Paper. I love that it’s sophisticated but in a trendy sort of way.

You Brighten My Day 1-3 details

If you like this card, don’t forget to pin and share so you can remember the things that inspired you later on!

Many Blessings & Happy Stamping,
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