Sweet Start CHALLENGE: Romans day 2 + PPA235 Color Combo

Sweet Start is a unique blend of spiritual and creative inspiration, and is an outpouring of my desire to share generously with my readers. If Bible study isn’t really your thing, you’re welcome to skip straight to the creativity! If you’re hanging around for the study, here’s a helpful hint: hovering your mouse over the verse reference links will activate a pop-up box with the text of the reference. Easy peasy!

Romans, day 2

In my last post we began a study in the biblical book of Romans. I mentioned that there are 2 words that really stood out to me in Romans 1:1-4 that I’d like to dig deeper into with you before we proceed to work through the rest of the book. Those two words have to do with the identity of Jesus: SON of God, and ourĀ  LORD. Today, we’ll begin to examine what it means that Jesus is the Son of God. I’ll be drawing things out a little bit for the sake of keeping things bite-sized, nobody likes to wake up to feeling overwhelmed, right? I’m going to try to avoid that for both our sakes.

Understanding what the term “Son of God” means is one area where it’s important to shift our minds from a literal/physical place to a spiritual one. Why? Because Jesus is not the literal Son of God in the way we perceive father/son relationships. In other words, Jesus was not procreated by God the Father through a physical meeting of genetic material, if you get my drift. Don’t laugh if that seems beyond obvious to you! There is a reason why I’m clarifying this truth. There are those who teach that Jesus is the literal Son of the Father, based on the Father’s physical union with Mary. So, for clarification, I’d like to break down some of the more earthly descriptions of Jesus, other ways he’s described as a “son,” before we move wholly to the supernatural. Today is the first of two titles of sonship we’ll look at.

Son of David: In Matthew 1:1, we learn that Jesus is called a son of David by his ancestry. In fact, we just read in Romans 1:3 (Day 1) that Jesus is “made of the seed of David according to his flesh.” What can we learn about this title from the Bible? This is where things get really interesting to me. Laying aside too much detail (you’re welcome to study this topic more in-depth on your own), it is historically accepted that Matthew 1 reveals the Davidic lineage of Jesus through Joseph, and Luke 3 through Mary. Pause there for a second. We know that Joseph had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, right? Mary was a virgin, yes? Let’s call Joseph the adoptive father of Jesus. Adoption is going to be a repeated theme in Romans, so keep that in the back of your mind.

Now, there’s something at the end of Luke’s genealogical record of Mary that is SUPER interesting, go with me here and prepare for your mind to be blown (okay maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but this is exciting stuff!) At the end of the ascending list is this gem, “…Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.” (Luke 3:38, KJV) Adam, the first man ever created, was called the son of God (yet not in a Messianic sense, not THE Son of God)… and what was he formed from? Sperm and egg? Nope! The dust of the ground, according to Genesis 2:7. I believe the terminology “son of God” has more than a little significance when viewed in part as someone whose body is created supernaturally by God, rather than conventionally. There have only been two men who walked the earth who could claim no earthly paternity– Adam, and Jesus Christ. We’ll come back to compare and contrast the two men later on in Romans, and learn more about the Son of God title in day 4.

For now, let’s bring it back to David. As the “dust of the ground” is to Adam, the “seed of David” is to Jesus. God formed the person of Jesus using David’s ancestral genes similarly to the way he formed the person of Adam of the dust of the ground. It was a singularly unique act of creation! To put any human refutation of Jesus’ lineage to rest, to make the promise rock solid that the Messiah would be of the seed of David, God chose a mother whose chromosomes (whether they physically contributed or not, although I believe it’s both logical and scriptural that they did as I’ll highlight in day 3) were Davidic in ancestry, and then caused him to be adopted into the family of King David through his earthly father, Joseph. Jesus was the truest son of David that ever lived, in every sense of the word! Through the powerful creative force of God, through the genetic contribution of his mother Mary, and through adoption into the family of David through his earthly father, Joseph. Cool, right?? The bible is full of really neat stuff if we’ll take the time to stop and dig. Thanks for digging alongside me today! I hope to see you for day 3.


You Brighten My Day #4

Here’s the fourth project in my stamp set challenge, where I’ll be showing off two weeks of projects using the You Brighten My Day stamp set from the promotional Sale-a-bration brochure. Today, it’s a Pals Paper Arts challenge inspired card! PPA235 is a color combo challenge, a really serene palette of blues. Here’s the color combo:


I have enjoyed combining the stamp images from You Brighten My Day with other favorite sets, and this card is no exception. Gorgeous Grunge creates a fun backdrop for the stars from You Brighten My Day, and is a trendy twist on a traditional baby-welcoming card, don’t you think? The sentiment is from Petite Pairs. I find myself using the sentiments from that set a lot more often as singletons than paired up! It’s a good one. I can’t wait to stick this one in the mail to welcome the 3rd son of my sweet friend, Amy. Y’all know I’m a fan of boys!

PPA 235 color challenge: Island Indigo, Soft Sky & Pool Party. Card by Becky Gifford using Stampin' Up! stamp sets Gorgeous Grunge and You Brighten My Day. See more at

Nearly all of the stamp images in You Brighten My Day coordinate with a Stampin’ Up! Punch, today it’s the star punch from the Itty Bitty Accents punch pack. Such a simple little embellishment!

PPA 235 color challenge: Island Indigo, Soft Sky & Pool Party. Card by Becky Gifford using Stampin' Up! stamp sets Gorgeous Grunge and You Brighten My Day. See more at

Would you like to see more of my projects using this stamp set? Here are all the posts in the You Brighten My Day stamp challenge series.

Come back and see me tomorrow for another Sweet Start! Do you have questions about the card or thoughts about the study? Please take a minute to leave your comments below, that’s how I can get to know you a little better and I treasure that interaction with you.

Many Blessings & Happy Stamping,
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