Becoming a Demonstrator Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you become a Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator?

First of all, I was very interested in getting started with the hobby of stamping! I stamped with my friend Rachel and I was hooked. The problem was, I didn’t have any supplies. I saw the cost of getting the basics and decided it was the best value to purchase the Starter Kit (a discounted bundle of supplies). The starter kit was my first purchase (ever!) from Stampin’ Up! Crazy, right? Later, after wrapping up my job in the insurance industry to stay home with my first child, I decided the business opportunity could be a meaningful addition to my life as a mom, which was lacking in the goal-setting and adult interaction I enjoyed while working outside the home. With Stampin’ Up!, I get to share what I love with people I enjoy spending time with, and make money in the process!

How do I become an Independent Demonstrator?

Stampin’ Up! has made it easy for you to get started. Simply visit my demonstrator website and click the Join Now button on the left-hand side. Digitally sign the Independent Demonstrator Agreement (IDA), then it’s on to customizing your starter kit!

How much does it cost to become a demonstrator?

The only cost associated with becoming a demonstrator is for the Starter Kit. Currently the price of the kit is $99 with free shipping (an additional 10% savings). The starter kit is completely customizable, which means you get to choose any current products up to a total of $125, which helps you work your business your way and never worry about duplicating supplies you already have just to become a demonstrator. Through the new-demonstrator program called Stampin’ Start, it is even possible to receive a $175 cash bonus at the end of your first 6 months as a demonstrator, which essentially pays you back for your starter kit (and then some)!

What do I get when I sign up?

After you sign up you get to customize your Starter Kit. The starter kit includes your choice of up to $125 in Stampin’ Up! products at a discount (around 20% off retail), plus business forms and supplies. Follow this link to see suggested kit products and see what’s in the business supply bundle. In addition, you will receive our monthly Stampin’ Success magazine and have access to the exclusive demonstrator portion of the Stampin’ Up! website, which has all sorts of wonderful tools designed to help you build your business or find inspiration in your hobby. You can about additional demonstrator perks you’ll get when you join my team by clicking HERE.

How do I keep getting my discount?

You will automatically get to keep your discount through the first FULL quarter you are a demonstrator (so, if you sign up the middle of November, you have your discount until the end of March without meeting any requirements). In order to keep getting your 20% demonstrator discount, you must place at least $300 in product orders per quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sept-Dec). It doesn’t matter if that merchandise is delivered to you or to a customer.

How do I earn an income as a demonstrator?

There are several ways to earn an income as a demonstrator: personal earnings (called instant income and volume rebates), and downline overrides. Instant income is the 20% commission you receive off any sales you make. Instant income is also the “discount” you receive on your personal orders. The second type of personal earnings is called “volume rebates,” because the higher your sales volume each month, the greater percentage you receive in addition to your instant income. For example, if you sell $400 worth of products in one month, you receive 25% (or $100) in commissions. 20% ($80) is instant income, and 5% is volume rebates. For more information, you can view the career plan. Downline Overrides are the percentage you earn based on the sales in your downline. As you progress through the career plan, you are able to earn higher percentages of income off of an increasing number of downline levels (up to 5 levels deep). I like to think of downline overrides as Stampin’ Up! paying you to train, motivate, and maintain your team. It’s nice that Stampin’ Up! pays me to coach my team rather than my team needing to pay for their own coaching from an outside source, and I think you’ll agree as you begin to build your own team of demonstrators.

What if I want to stop being a demonstrator?

Simply stop placing orders. If your quarterly minimums aren’t reached (and after a month of being in “pending” status), you will lose your demonstrator privileges. No questions asked, nothing to return. You keep all your fabulous stuff, which of course includes your Starter Kit contents!

Is there a penalty if I don’t reach my quarterly minimum?

There is no penalty except losing your status as a demonstrator. If you want to keep getting your 20% discount and all the other perks of being a demonstrator, you must meet your $300 quarterly minimum.

Do I have to sell things as a demonstrator?

NO! Selling and producing income is a perk, not a requirement of being a demonstrator. Plenty of demonstrators consider themselves “hobby demonstrators,” which means they either only place orders for their own crafting needs, or maybe fill orders for friends and family to help fund their hobby. There is absolutely no obligation to sell anything as a demonstrator. The good news is that as long as you remain active and keep meeting your quarterly minimums, the opportunity to start selling and producing income is always there. It’s just a matter of shifting your focus!

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