The Social Stamper Online Ordering Club Rewards


Earn $30 or more in FREE Stampin’ Up! products every year, just for placing regular orders!

Here’s how it works:

  • Place a product order of at least $25 (before tax and shipping) using a special hostess code each month for THREE consecutive months.

The hostess code for September 2014 is


  • The FOURTH month, give me a call to place a $35+ order and I will give you a $10 product credit toward your order (you will pay tax and shipping costs on your free items along with your regular purchase). That amounts to a $25+ order plus $10 in free products.
  • Keep ordering, and keep earning free products! Every 4 consecutive ordering months, you receive another $10 credit. You can use your rewards every 4 months or let them accumulate for a bigger reward down the road (YOU are responsible for tracking your order amounts and communicating with me regarding letting your rewards accumulate. I will verify order dates and amounts with my records before applying your credit, but in most cases I will not contact you to let you know you are eligible for a reward.)
  • Include a Paper Pumpkin kit ($19.95, 1-month subscription item #137858) in your order every month instead of choosing the Paper Pumpkin auto-ship program, and you will already be close to your order minimum.
  • YES! Your rewards increase incrementally with higher order amounts. For example, if you order $50 in product each month, then the 4th month your reward will be double– that’s a $20 product credit just for placing 4 qualifying monthly orders!
  • Some fine-print: Orders must be made on consecutive months before the last day of each month. You can skip a month any time, but your rewards timeline will start over the next month you order. You absolutely must use the monthly hostess code for months 1-3. This feature is what allows me to provide you with so much free stuff! You are responsible to contact me in month 4 to verify your reward amount, and place an order or let me know you’d like your rewards to accumulate.
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